Organizational committee

Paul 1Paul van Dam – chairman / event coordinator

We have set ourselves a target and we are going to realize that. A sports world record in which you can take part (you will receive a commendation that you participated) + promotion of fencing as a beautiful sport + some well-earned funding for a foundation supporting patients with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, which one of our young fencers is also suffering. So, join in and let us show together what fencers can achieve!

contact:  M: +31 (0)6 1101 0581; E: info[at]


Erwin 1

Erwin Kramer – sponsor co-ordinator/treasurer




contact: E: sponsor[at]


stokkermans1Jean-Marie Stam – event co-ordinator

A fencing event in which everyone can participate. It is good for Kaya, for the region of Baarn, Gooi and Eemland and for fencing in the Netherlands!


contact: E: info[at]


Lars 1Lars Kramer – registration co-ordinator




contact: E: reservation[at]


Sjoerd 1Sjoerd Jaarsma – match co-ordinator

A worthy cause, a record to be achieved, and a party for our 15 year jubilee! What more can you wish for? Yes, one thing: that you will all join us to realize all of this. Join us fencing and let’s have a lot fun on what promises to be a grand day.


contact: M: +31 (0)6 44 892 469; E: info[at]


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Schermen& Coaching & clinics

Onderricht in schermen op floret, sabel en degen, clinics en workshop in het Gooi, Eemland en omgeving Onderricht in schermen op floret, sabel en degen, clinics en workshops in het Gooi, Eemland en omgeving.